Top salad choice for health nutrition

It is often heard that the best way to stick to a healthy diet is to incorporate as many salad meals as possible in your diet. This is true but only to a limited extent. Salads are a great way to avoid the greasy carb rich food like deli sandwiches, burgers etc. But, while choosing a salad, one must ensure that the salad itself is full of nutrition that the body requires.

Top salad choice for health nutritionMost restaurants have different combinations of veggies, fruits and salad dressings on their menu. To pick one top salad would be very difficult as each salad would have its own pros and cons. While some salads may be more nutritious, others may seem more tasty because of particular types of dressing. This guide may prove to be very helpful for you the next time you have to pick a salad to eat in a restaurant.

Choose a nutritious salad

The best way to determine whether a salad is nutritious or not is to look at its components. There are some of the best vegetables which are top choices for a nutritious salad. If these veggie are present in the salad you are going to pick, you can be assured that you have made a nutritious choice:

  • Kale – This green leafy vegetable is a very essential component of a good salad. The phytonutrients present in it fight off chronic illnesses like cancer.
  • Watercress – More often than not, this is used to garnish a salad. But the leaves of this plant are high in calcium as well as Vitamin A and C.
  • Romaine – This ingredient is used in many green salads because of its crunchy texture. It is also rich in vitamins A and K.
  • Lettuce – Whether it is red leaf or green leaf, lettuce will add colour to your salad as well as enhance its nutrition value.
  • Spinach – The darker green the colour of a veggie, the more beneficial it is. Spinach is the best example of this for it is one of the most nutrient rich vegetable for a salad recipe.

Additional tips for choosing your salad

Some other things to keep in mind while choosing a nutritious salad are:

  1. Do not choose salads with creamy dressings as the cream only adds to the calories without providing nutrition. Also, stay away from salads described as ‘crunchy’ as they would definitely have some deep-friend elements.
  2. For a more filling meal, choose a salad which has some proteins like chicken, beans or tofu apart from the usual green vegetables.
  3. Mix the salad with avocado, cheese or nuts to add flavour but do not overdo it.
  4. Before ordering, check the calorie count of the salad and pick one which is less than 600 calories.